Posting via Satellite

  • Exhausted

    Sailed 60 NM to Rum cay. Meg dead tired. Both sick of sailing. But gotta go on. Find land for us to be. Will rest 2day, take off for Cat isl tomorrow. X Lenny (23.68418, -74.93082) Map:,-74.93082

  • Chanel No. Off

    Bought water & fuel. Special no-questions price. Survival is prolonged, yay! Never seen such mosquito density. Lenna loves the smell of Deep Woods Off. We’re soaked in it! (22.81812, -74.34545) Map:,-74.34545

  • Not Dead Yet 1

    It’s official: nothing this boat came with works anymore. Except the engine! Yay. And its electro-hydraulic rams; which happen to move the rudder (when an appropriate curren

  • Not Dead Yet 2

    is applied by any number of the failed onboard systems). Not dead in the water, yet. Gutted the electrical system & Jerry rigged raw power right to the rams. Scrounged parts

  • Not Dead Yet 3

    & servos/relays from failed junk to build a cabled remote with switches from whatever to activate the clutch and rams. If it works, we’ll steer with a smartphone for nav

  • Not Dead Yet 4

    & a wee toggle switch to point this boat wherever… where? Nobody knows. Running out of water too. The Atlantic crossing is looking risky but

  • Not Dead Yet 5

    it’s not like we’ve got a plan B. If anyone’s got a better one, share it with Not giving up til we’re dead!. This is life. Love conquers all! Xx L&.M (22.74958, -74.14763) Map:,-74.14763

  • I Tried!

    & according to the Rusky lass, I can be very trying. I even tored up das boot to trace the prob back to a blown power transistor in the autopilot computer. No dice. Still screwed (22.74951, -74.14756) Map:,-74.14756

  • Next Stop

    Willoughby. You won’t find it on any map, because it’s in The Twilight Zone. (22.74943, -74.14777) Map:,-74.14777

  • Shush, Don’t Tell

    Check this location on a satellite map. Zoom in. Bite your elbows. Be jealous. Be VERY jealous. We just snorkelled in a jewel of paradise. A rare gem in an ELE. (22.60044, -73.62488) Map:,-73.62488