Posting via Satellite

  • ELE zPhone has sent a message

    Zero hour! We are on the run again. Kind customs guy on holiday. Replacement didn’t see E as equal as me & tossed her out. Where to next? Nobody knows. East, we suppose.

  • ELE zPhone has sent a message

    This is a test! This is only a test. Anyway, the date is October 24th, also known as zero hour.

  • Still kicking

    If we don’t post entries regularly, don’t be discouraged. All it means is that there is no news and all is as it was before. We are dealing with the usual: isolation, boat’s equipment failures and no way to get food or fresh water. Finding a way to go on and wrecking our brains where…

  • Final is coming

    Reporting via Internet. Still near land. Not on it, but anchored. Still in Bahamas. Where next? Where will we be in, say, 2 months? I don’t know. It will be clear only 2 months from now. Today we get food, an 8 mile sail to the place and 8 mile sail back to the anchorage.…

  • Hi from Elena

    Meg stopped sending updates, now that we are stopped and in relative safety. When there are no thunderstorms. So I am posting this one via the Internet. We are having more and more boat equipment failures. Meg made a list of them and we both have strong doubts as to our Atlantic crossing. Every day…

  • WE ARE IN!!!

    Bahamas’ Cat Island is our oases, our safe port, our refuge. Sanctuary for a while. Incredibly caring & helpful Don of Port Smith Bay customs & immigration we are in your debt (24.18814, -75.46418) Map:,-75.46418

  • The Point Is

    All our radios are fried (lighting does that), Len has instructions to take the yacht & run for the high seas if I don’t return to the beach. At least one off us will make it. (24.17861, -75.49077) Map:,-75.49077

  • The Cat Came Back

    The very next day. Speaking of which, tomorrow I will be swimming ashore to hopefully clear into Bahamas & not be arrested or robbed so we can buy parts & food. Fun! Xx M

  • Not violated by the sea!

    For 3 nights we had a great sleep at Rum cay and the next isl. The weather is better and the sea is merciful. Heading 4 Cat isl. (23.98153, -75.29726) Map:,-75.29726

  • Truth Time

    Len hates my upbeat posts. Wants me to be honest; not Facebook funny. Fine! Half the time we’d rather be dead then spend another storm or shitty day in watery exile. So there! M